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Leonard Zell has inspired these written accolades from clients around the world:

Date: February 5, 2011 From: Dominic Sakakini

Dear Leonard,

Just a quick note to show my appreciation for your Sales Training Guide purchased in November. My business is a small Independent jewelerszellit run by myself with 2 fantastic girls who are passionate about what they do, we all read and listened to the Cd’s and acted out what you had to say, also we would talk together after each customer experience, as we are a small shop we are able to listen to each other and were able to offer constructive advice to each other which resulted in positive sales. I in particular enjoyed up selling which worked very well.

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Your training offered instant success and gave us all more confidence, in fact it was so successful we were joint winners for the best Christmas experience, voted by the retail customers of Horsham West Sussex. We were joint winners with a Department Store. Thanks to the manual we managed to have a good Christmas, we were only 6% down on last year and with the economy in crisis and having heavy snow that was a great outcome especially as on average shops were down 30% and two of the Jewelers in town have had major refits! To add to this we also had zero returns over the January period which shows that all our customers were 100% happy with there purchases and we have ended up having a record month being 15% up on January 2010.

Possibly the most powerful technique we took from you training is to ‘up-sale’ and ‘add-on’. Thanks to this technique we have managed to make the most of each customer and from January figures increase out turnover. A fantastic example of this being used was for an engagement ring sale. A couple came in to get inspiration for a possible engagement ring, they ended up walking out with an engagement ring, a diamond wedding ring and a gents wedding ring, and they do not even have a date for a wedding!

It was great to talk to you over the phone, and we look forward to receiving your visiting dates. Your manual had been a real asset to my shop and my staff.

Dominic Sakakini

45 Carfax
Horsham West
Sussex RH12 1EQ
01403 250200


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tahia Collins and I own the Tahia Collins Boutiques throughout the Tahitian Islands, www.tahiacollins.com.

Leonard Zell has been training our salespeople every year since 2000 and we have reaped the benefits with greatly increased sales.  We were the smallest jewelry store on the island of Moorea in Tahiti, when Leonard started.  We are now the largest with five stores located in Moorea, Papeete and Bora Bora, thanks to Leonard’s sales training.  Our salespeople are from several countries and no matter their nationality, they like Leonard’s techniques, especially the way he explains them.  They make good sense, and better yet, they work!  That is why they always ask him, “Lenny, when are you coming back?”

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In 2004, we introduced our boutique to the Paul Gauguin cruise ship that cruises the islands.  They chose us not only because of my jewelry designs, but that we were putting on board our own salespeople that Leonard had trained.  Our sales were outstanding!  Thanks to his training we sold $25 per PPD, (passengers per day) which is high, they asked us to take over all the ship’s retail concessions.

In December 2007, The Star clipper heard of our success and asked us to be the exclusive partner on board their clipper ship that cruises the islands.  Again, because of Leonard’s training our sales have been strong.

I don’t think you will see in other stores, on land or ship, salespeople introducing themselves, making friends with their customers and remembering their names.  Passengers want to come back because our salespeople made them a friend.  That is why they make so many add-on sales.  Our ship board customers will more likely walk out with two or more pieces of jewelry.  I remember Leonard telling our salespeople not to worry; the more our customers buy the happier they are. He was right.

Leonard just finished conducting his sales seminars for us in May and everyone is looking forward to him coming back next year.

Tahia Collins

B.P. 1087 Papetoai, Moorea, French Polynesia Tel 689.550 500 Fax 689.550 501

U.S. Customer Service Center Tel 888.436.5939




Alexanders Jewelers, the leading fine jewelry store in Farnham, Guiford and Regate, England

Paul Solomons
President, Alexanders
Farnham, England

Dear Lenny

I know that a few weeks have now gone by since you were here and I therefore thought it time to both thank you and update you.

Firstly a huge thank you. As you well know you and I have been in discussions for over three years!! I continually hesitated over your appointment as our Sales Trainer. There was one major obstacle in my mind and that was my fear that your sales techniques would be too pushy for the conservative British market. I was therefore worried that this would have a negative effect on my staff and that consequently they would “switch off”.

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The truth is that I could not have been more wrong!! I am now very annoyed with myself for not employing you in 1996. Firstly it is important to note that your techniques are far LESS pushy than those that we have always adopted. Having said that I have always prided myself on the fact that we sold on establishing trust and that we did not want to be hard selling. It is only when comparing your method and our old system that the difference is truly apparent. You are far more subtle and deft than we have ever been and yet the customer is more comfortable with the Zell technique.

Secondly it is no exaggeration to say that my staff loved you. You were absolutely fantastic at establishing an immediate rapport with them and I know for a fact that they were very sorry to see you go home. I have one member of staff who really caused problems with a previous trainer some years ago. I feared the same would happen with you. In fact in one of your seminars where I was present, this person challenged one of your statements, my heart sank. I need not have worried as you masterfully dealt with his comments and you subsequently had him eating out of your hand, it was a joy to watch. I know for a fact that he told you at the end that yours was the best sales training he had ever attended. Congratulations!

I do not want to praise you too much Lenny as your head will not fit inside a jumbo jet but I cannot let this opportunity pass without making comment about your personal work ethic. During your week in the UK you worked tirelessly throughout. Your commitment and energy level is that of someone half your age. Where you get it from God knows, if he does he’s not telling me! Can you Zell me any Zell!!

All joking apart I was truly grateful for the tremendous efforts that you made on our behalf. Most importantly your enthusiasm and devotion to getting the job done did not end when you had been paid. You are just as keen to help me now as you were three years ago. If I did not know you better I would be thinking that you were after an “add on sale”! So where are we now. You have left me with a highly motivated and infinitely more skilled sales team than I had on the day you arrived. I cannot tell you that each and everyone is Zelling 100% as that would be a lie and anyway you would not believe me. However each and everyone of is trying 100% of the time to implement your techniques. We are having a great deal of success in every area of your training. There is no doubt about it that the less experienced the person the easier it is for them to adapt to Zelling. Our best Zellers have been with us for the shortest time period. All the staff are committed and that is a major advantage and the rest will come with the ongoing success that each person creates. I have noticed that it is a question of self confidence. On member of staff made 8 add on sales last week. Before you arrived he did not know what an add on was!

Lenny what more can I say except again my heartfelt thanks for your unbelievable efforts. Besides signing your cheque I have also made a friend and that is what life is all about.

With my very best wishes to you and Marietta and I hope you have a great Christmas and a well earned rest.

May you keep on Zelling well into the next Millennium and thus continue spreading the Lenny gospel!! I am looking forward to your next visit so that you can take us to the next skill level.


Yours truly

Paul Solomons


Haltoms Jewelers is the leading fine jeweler in  Fort Worth, Texas


What a great pleasure it was having you here this week. Sure wish I had access to your techniques years ago. Hope you will not be a stranger to Haltom’s in the future.

Here’s to many more “Zelling” Moments.

Thanks again for your time and wisdom.


Syndi Reding
Haltom’s Arlington

These three E-mails are from the Black Pearl Gem Co. in Tahiti.  This shows the superior results of Leonard’s sales training.  Marc Collins, the owner has asked Leonard back six times in the past  years to train his salespeople.  His sales have increased five times over that period and he is now the leading jeweler in Moorea.
Thank you Lenny!

Since your seminars, our closing rates (and sales!) have increased at least by 100%, to say nothing of the confidence you have given each member of our sales staff. We now know that in the past we were NOT closing, we were just waiting for the customer to close! But the best part of all is the fun you have put into the sales process! The sales staff and customers are having a ball in our store, which feeds new sales! My only regret: that we didn’t have you train us years ago!

Best Regards,

Mark W. Collins Owner / Manager Branch Store

From the Black Pearl Gem Co. – Tahiti

Hi Lenny,

I’d just like to thank you from everyone as we have just completed our first
entire month of zelling and we beat the all-time sales record ever!! We did 72% better than March 99.And let me tell you something else,you’ve brought the fun back into selling,everyone is very happy. Tomoko says the Zelling is working well with the Japanese too.

We would also love to have you come back in the first week of August for a 3 day seminar actually in the new boutique a few days before it opens.Please let us know if this is possible.

That’s about all for now Lenny, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Assistant to Marc Collins

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Jay B. Rudolph, Inc. / Tampa FL

Colombian Emeralds International / Freeport Bahamas