Written Evaluations

“Mr. Zell is a great speaker.  He really got me excited about selling.”

“What I liked best, the opportunity to roll play and practice the techniques with Mr. Zell’s supervision.  I wish I could have all my associates involved in the seminar.”

“I have been selling fine jewelry for seventeen years.  This was the best program I have ever attended.”

What I liked best , “Leonard Presented the material in a way that was very easy to understand, This seminar was not what I expected, but what a pleasant surprise.!  Very enjoyable!”

“Lennie, you were fantastic.  I enjoyed your presentation very much and will take back all that I learned and put it in force to build more sales.”

“Mr. Zell’s enthusiasm was contagious. After the seminar, I wanted to get out on the sales floor & put to use what I had learned.

“Changed my way of thinking . . . Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

“Lenny is one of us.  He has been on the other side, so from experience he has seen what works . . . Don’t retire anytime soon.  You have to come back next year.”

“(I liked best) the hands on “Roll Playing” – Very helpful & to the seasoned salesperson as well – Not only to the new people – very relaxed.  Everyone participates.”

Amazing.  Let’s get Zelling!!

“Lenny, you are the best.  I have learned a lot from you.  I am doing a job that is professional.  You taught me that.”

“Mr. Leonard Zell, Your enthusiasm, energy level was awesome for two days”

“To be honest, everything was just perfect.”

“I was pleased and by all that he said was the truth and no BS in the whole seminar.  Thank you for the knowledge.”

“I liked (Leonard’s) practical demonstration of the sales (techniques)”

“Lenny is very friendly and I liked the idea how he changed the whole way of selling and made it easier.”