Video Testimonials

Leonard Zell has inspired these video testimonials from clients around the world:

Brent Hardin is the owner of La Maison D’Or, a leading fine jeweler in Ottowa, Canada. Leonard has come to his store the past five years to train his salespeople with the outstanding results you will hear in this video.

Judith Barr is the sales trainer for the Walker & Hall Jewelry stores in Auckland, New Zealand. Listen to her enthusiasm of Leonard’s sales training.

Tesh Chugani and his family have stores in Aruba, St. Martin and St. Kitts and had Leonard Zell conduct two sales seminars and a management seminar for their stores In Aruba and wants him back again next year.

Hear Nancy Scheuring, owner of Devon Fine Jewelers in Wyckoff, New Jersey, telling why she learned more in the 33 years she has been in business from Leonard’s seminar than any other seminar she has been to.

Julia Clarke is the fourth generation of Clarkes of Clarkes Jewelers in Aursbury, England, located about an hour north of London.  She said, “What Lenny has said to us really, really works and  wished I had asked him to come sooner.”

Jacquie Logan and Jenny Koegan are supervisors of the five Jade Factory Stores in New Zealand. Listen how Leonard motivated their salespeople and why they want him back again.

Andrew Hirshman and his sister, Monique Mansfield, third generation owners.

Drakes Fine Jewellers is the prominent jewelry store in the Drake Circus Mall in Plymouth, England. With the third generation of the family now at the helm, Drakes prides itself on the high standard of service offered and actively promotes training in order to achieve this.