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Subject: RE: Your sales training in Aruba, Curacao & Barbados
To: zellit@aol.com
Thank you for the thorough update on your training visit to Aruba, Curacao and Barbados. The recap of each store with details on specific sales professionals & managers will be most helpful with our follow up on your training program. I thought you would appreciate knowing that in June, our sales in Aruba / Curacao were up 24.8% and in Barbados sales were up 64.1%! So far with three weeks of July complete, Aruba / Curacao sales are up 35.3% and sales in Barbados are up 46.4%! I attribute the majority of these increases to the positive response we have received on your training efforts in these markets. As you know, Aruba / Curacao sales performance has not been anywhere near these levels over the past 18 months (they were actually flat). Barbados has been operating with 29% increases, but even Barbados sales increases have grown substantially since your visit. I firmly believe this investment in your training program far outweighs any benefit we might derive from a similar expenditure in a 4-color magazine ad. It amazes me that more retailers are not aware of this fact.
I want you to schedule a revisit to Key West in early November. I will be in our Boca office today and tomorrow (561 620-2676) and I will visiting our Key West stores Wednesday thru Friday (561 212-9602 cell phone) Thanks again for your productive visit to Aruba / Curacao and Barbados.
Robert Baumgardenener, President
Little Switzerland Jewelers
These increased sales were mostly from managers who I taught how to save sales and help close add-on sales. The increased sales from my program in all their stores made them attractive to Tiffany who purchased all their stores in the Carribean

What the people are saying…

Your training offered instant success and gave us all more confidence, in fact it was so successful we were joint winners for the best Christmas experience, voted by the retail customers of Horsham West Sussex. We were joint winners with a Department Store. Thanks to the manual we managed to have a good Christmas, we were only 6% down on last year and with the economy in crisis and having heavy snow that was a great outcome especially as on average shops were down 30% and two of the Jewelers in town have had major refits! To add to this we also had zero returns over the January period which shows that all our customers were 100% happy with there purchases and we have ended up having a record month being 15% up on January 2010.

Possibly the most powerful technique we took from you training is to ‘up-sale’ and ‘add-on’. Thanks to this technique we have managed to make the most of each customer and from January figures increase out turnover. A fantastic example of this being used was for an engagement ring sale. A couple came in to get inspiration for a possible engagement ring, they ended up walking out with an engagement ring, a diamond wedding ring and a gents wedding ring, and they do not even have a date for a wedding!

It was great to talk to you over the phone, and we look forward to receiving your visiting dates again. Your manual had been a real asset to my shop and my staff.

Dominic Sakakini
West Sussex, UK

Dear Leonard,
We received your selling course last week. I put the 1st CD in the car stereo & set off on my 40 minute drive to work – a journey I don’t usually enjoy. However I seemed to arrive just a couple of minutes after I set off and in a really good mood!
Such was my enjoyment of listening to you speak about selling jewellery. The moment in your seminar where you said “every breath she takes, that diamond will sparkle across the room” brought tears to my eye – literally! If you’d been here, with that pendant, I’d have bought one myself. It was so powerful.
Anyway that day was a Saturday so I threw all the old sales techniques out the window and started ZELLING.
10:00 AM I sold a diamond solitaire for £250 and it was quick & it was easy. A bit later I sold a ruby & 2 diamond ring to a couple for their ruby wedding. I asked what the occasion was & congratulated them before I got the ring out. When I said the ring has a special meaning because the stones are for yesterday, today & tomorrow, the ladies eyes misted over & the guy reached for his wallet. WOW!!!!!!!!!!
That Saturday just flew by and despite having to forget all my old ways and remember new ones it was so enjoyable. And the best part……….it was easy!!!!!!!!!!   . . . . . it is like being given the keys to a magic kingdom.

Leonard, your father was a genius and you were bright enough to listen to your old Dad and pass on all his selling skills. I cannot thank you (and him) enough.
If it’s OK with you I’ll let you know how we get on. We’ve only had the course a couple of days but I just had to tell you, that already, you’ve literally changed my life.   “u r excellent loenard , i have become your fan ”
A huge thank you from “across the pond”
Stephen Diggle

This is E-mail is from Stephen Diggle, owner of S. Diggle Jewelers who has two stores in Peterborough, in the UK.

Nuno Santos
“Dear Mr Zell, I bought from you your manual which have helped me a lot in the daily basics of the business. I would like to ask you, what other books related you reccommend. I want to know the more I can about this business and my customers. I left London, CHANEL, and returned to Portugal to open my own boutique: Elements Contemporary Jewellery with my brother. I left all your details in London with the marketing director. If you are coming to europe please tell me. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Regards Santos”

Brenda Arisco
” Hello,I went to Mr. Zell’s seminars over twenty years ago. I have to go back to work and I’m wondering if his unique style is as successful now as it was when I sold fine jewelry. I just love his wonderful way of teaching. I know he helped me so much years ago. I was just a beginner back then.
“You are a genius………simple & easy to learn ideas that work! I love your philosophy! “

“Hi, we had to do research for one of my classes in college and I found your site. It rocks! Wow, how did you do all of it? My secret code 67UUhYtg39 :)”

Bruce Schleifman
“I worked with Lenny Over 25 years ago when I was a district manager for Lambert Brothers. Zale Corp would have seminars and Lenny taught me many things. He taught me how to collect an account receivable and I use it to this day though I have been out of the jewelry business for 23 years. I am thrilled that he is still doing what he loves!”