Why Leonard’s Sales Training Brings Results!

It’s not a lecture, but a session you can participate in and enjoy. Leonard Zell has a unique style, and thrives on interruptions, questions and challenges. Do you face these challenging remarks in your store?

  • How do you answer “Is it on sale? What’s my price? I can get it for less.”
  • How do you greet a customer to prevent the dreaded “I’m just looking?” How can you get her interested in a piece of jewelry? How can you keep her from browsing right out the store?
  • How can you do an add-on sale without the fear of losing the first one?
  • How do you reply to “Well, I’ll think about it.” or “How many grams does this weigh?” and actually create a sale?
  • How do you overcome that fear of rejection, and telephone key customers to stimulate sales?
  • Learn how to create a customer list, and use it to your advantage.
  • What happens when a customer says “I want a one carat VVS F diamond like the one I saw on the Internet.”
  • Do your salespeople launch into an hour on the 4 Cs?

Take advantage of Leonard Zell’s expertise. Invest in your salespeople and watch their skill and enthusiasm change your store. And change your bottom line.Bring Leonard Zell to your store, to your sales meeting or convention. Then reinforce his dynamic live presentation with his manual, considered the standard in the industry, now in its 20th edition. Chapter after chapter offers proven methods for the toughest sales problems. With examples!


What about follow-up? One-of-a-kind. Leonard Zell has everyone complete an evaluation, then sends these unsigned documents back to the store manager. He calls back a week after the seminar to answer any questions. And he’s always available for questions and assistance through his toll free number, returning phone calls promptly even when he’s out of the country.



Now’s the time for you to call Leonard. You won’t get a secretary — you’ll speak to him personally. Tell him what sales techniques you’d like your sales people to perfect. And have him prepare a seminar outline specifically for your store.