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Leonard has a number of products to help you Zell!


Leonard Zell “LIVE”!
A full day of fine jewelry sales training, recorded live, on 3 CDs.

This is it — the perfect complement to Leonard Zell’s Sales Manual. Leonard Zell “Live” is a full day of sales training recorded live, filled with proven, easy-to-learn techniques that will inspire you to get out and sell. A terrific investment in your sales people, and one with an immediate return — increased sales!

Leonard Zell “Live” is the ideal way to keep those “batteries charged.” Play these tapes in the car, or during an early morning walk, and you’ll be enthusiastic and ready to sell when you get to the store.

Guaranteed to Improve Your Sales – NOW!

Only $49.95 – save $20.00 by ordering both the CDs and manual for only $99.95!


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