Increase Your Sales With Professional Jewelry Sales Training

Leonard Zell logs thousands of miles each year returning to the fine stores that have invested in his expertise. Armed with new and creative selling ideas, a complete knowledge of the changing marketplace, and his own unique style, Zell rekindles enthusiasm and upgrades selling skills on each visit.

Leonard is the recognized authority in jewelry sales training. With more than 35 years’ experience in fine jewelry retailing.  Creative selling is his specialty, he will teach your staff to:

  • Greet customers in a way that puts them in a buying mood
  • Introduce themselves and remember their customer’s name even weeks later
  • Create add-on sales especially after a very expensive diamond sale
  • Create large diamond sales by not prejudging customers
  • Create sales from customers , “Just looking.”
  • Sell to their customer’s emotions and increase their desire to buy
  • Selling to young couples not just her engagement ring, but in addition both diamond wedding rings, their wedding gifts to each other and the bridesmaids and usher gifts!
  • Close sales they thought were never possible
  • Call their customers for future occasions and special events

For additional sales techniques please click on the link, Contents of Sales Manual

Leonard Zell has worked with fine jewelry retailers all over the world, teaching thousands of people his easy way to sell. His common-sense approach is refreshing, comfortable, and it works.

Take advantage of Leonard’s expertise. Invest in your salespeople and watch their skill and enthusiasm change your store. And increase your bottom line.