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Mr. Zell, How can I get a customer to ask specifically for me? My aggressive associates claim the customer and sale as theirs. Thank you for any input you could provide. Sharon

Dear Sharon, The best way for your customers to ask for you by your name is to introduce yourself. However, do not stop there as most salespeople do. You must give them the opportunity to tell you their name and in order to remember it, repeat it in the fllowing sentence and selevtively throughout the sale. This peronalizes the sale and of course your customer will ask for you because the card you gave them now has value. Most salespeopelt think by remaining anonymous and giving a customer your business card is all that is necessary. They are mistaken. A business card alone without introducing yourself has as much value as the cost of printing it. Salespeople keep very few cards that are given out anonymously so why should a customer keep their cards? There is much more detail to introducing yourself that is covered in my sales manual and CDs. I will also be happy to walk you through it. Just call me on my toll free number, 800-642-7355 after 1:00PM ET or 10:00 AM PT. I will look forward to hearing from you. Leonard Zell


hi leonard how can i close big sales which r up to $10,000 pls tell me that and how can i close maximum sales

Shawn, My apologies for not answering your E-mail 8/6/06. I was not aware your E-mail was at a different E-mail account I seldom use. Your question can best be answered by my CDs and manual because there are several sales techniques you have to perfect to be able to close those sales. For instance this is a list: 1. Smile before your customer smiles at your 2. Retain this and your enthusiasm throughout the sale. 3. Intoduce your self before you show the jewelry 4. Use your customer’s name selectively during the sale so you do not forget it and to personalize the sale 5. Romance the jewelry to increase your customer’s desire 6. Close the sale by at first using a subtle close and then an affirmative close 7 Go for add-on sales. The how to’s are there in my manual and CDs. You may order them on myweb site at www.zellit.com or call me at 800-642- 7355 Leonard


hello mr. leonard, I just startit to work in a jewelry store , i have a bit knowledge , but i get a bit nerves wen i do have a costomer please help me , how can i over come this fear and make the sale. thanks. lucy.

Dear Lucy, Please excuse the delayin anwering your question. I was just called to my attention. Your fear is normal. Most salespeople have it, some more than oters, when they first start selling jewelry. The best way to overcome your fearit is to beat your customers to the smile. Smile and greet them as soon as you see them, just as you would a friend in your home. Your smile will make them smile back at you and you will relax. Keep up your smile and enthusiasm throughout the sale and your customer will want to be your friend and buy from you. For further information on selling fine jewelry I recommend your purchase my sales manual and CD on my web site, www.zellit.com. In the meantime I am e-mailing you an article of mine on, “Smile & the World Smiles With You.” Feel free to call me toll-free at 800-642-7355. Best regards, Leonard Zell