Contents of Leonard Zell’s Sales Manual

The most complete sales book ever published for selling fine jewelry with forty chapters of proven sales techniques.

Increase your sales and order your copy today   You will be surprised how easy it is to close sales and create add-on sales. Use this to train your staff like thousands of jewelers have done and  with outstanding results!

Table of Contents:

  • 10 different ways of closing sales fast
  • 5 last resort or ace in the hole closes
  • 10 ways to gain your customer’s trust
  • 10 reasons to Introduce yourself that make good sense
  • Create sales from returns and how to avoid them
  • Closing sales from challenging remarks,
  • Selling expensive jewelry and avoid prejudging
  • Create sales ftom “just lookers” and browsers
  • Create add-on sales easier than the first sale
  • Create large diamond sales from appraisals
  • Create a customer clientele book and increase your sales 100%!
  • Create diamond sales from jewelry repairs
  • Create sales from watch repairs & batteries
  • Create sales from layaways
  • Selling with your eyes and control the sale
  • Selling with security, Leonard quotes an ex-thief
  • Selling brilliance and the sizzle of diamonds
  • Selling customers who want a particular diamond grade
  • Selling with GIA knowledge and avoid the technical trap
  • Selling from complaints, one of the easiest creative sales
  • Romancing diamonds and precious gems and creating desire to buy
  • The turn-over and the take-over of a sale without intimidation
  • Your Smile, your most powerful selling tool
  • Your body language, how it can turn a customer on or off
  • The fine art of listening.  Talking less and selling more.
  • Acknowledging other customers without losing the first one
  • Affirmative selling, it’s better and faster than aggressive selling
  • How to have a successful remount event
  • How to turn-over and the take-over of a sale
  • Romancing the sale, creating desire motivating customers to buy
  • The 10 commandments of professional selling
  • Showing up your competition
  • Implementing sales training in your store
  • How to role play without intimidation and enjoy it