Close More Sales and Add-ons

Leonard Zell knows how to close sales.   He’ll demonstrate how to “create” the close, beginning from the first moment the merchandise is shown. Not generalities, but exact how-to’s on fresh and comfortable new approaches to closing a sale. Customers are not even aware of these subtle and gracious techniques — so easy they actually startle the salespeople.

Leonard’s closing techniques  make it easier to create add-on sales without fear of losing the first sale.  In fact he will show your salespeople how easy it is to create  add-on sales after a customer has committed to a very expensive piece of jewelry.


Ad-on sales will close more sales.  Leonard will show your salespeople how to use add-on sales to close the first sale and lead to additional add-on sales.

The national average for add-on sales is only 5% of total sales.  Because of this low figure, the potential for increased sales can be as much as 50%!  And here is a big plus, add-on sales add more to your bottom line than any other sales technique.

Add on sales are self motivating.  Salespeople get charged up after closing an add-on sale and they keep creating more sales that day because of their enthusiastic attitude.

Creative sales techniques Leonard teaches, such as creating sales from jewelry and watch repairs, “Just Looking” customers, and selling both customers when they come in together has tremendous potential to greatly increase your sales.

Leonard Zell has worked with fine jewelry retailers all over the world, teaching thousands of salespeople his easy way to sell. His common sense approach is refreshing, comfortable, and it works.  That is why the question he gets asked most often is, “When can you come back?”


Enjoy a presentation from one of your own…