Leonard Zell has the most complete jewelry sales training manual ever published with chapters of proven jewelry sales techniques like these:

  • 6 ways to close more sales and gain repeat customers
  • 4 ways to close more add-on sales
  • Create large diamond sales from repairs and appraisals
  • Create sales from browsing customers
  • How to romance diamonds and precious gems
  • How to call your customers before their occasions
  • How to sell your most expensive jewelry

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Learn from an expert with more than 35 years of training salespeople in 18 countries. Order his jewelry sales training manual today. Start closing sales you thought you never could before. Use this to train your staff like thousands of jewelers have done worldwide and with outstanding results.

LEONARD ZELL’S Full Day Seminar on 3 CDs

Also order, “Leonard Zell Live.”  You’ll hear Leonard conduct a full day seminar on three audio CDs answering salespeople’s challenging remarks and telling how to interact with customers.  It is just like being there and the perfect compliment to his sales manual.  To order click here

Free Support:  Call or E-mail Leonard and he will tell you the best way to get started using his manual and Cds to train your salespeople. For international callers, call or message Leonard on Skype: 503-907-4986, 9:00 to 5:00 PST.


Because he is the only jewelry sales trainer that has the answers to teach your salespeople to:

  • Close more sales regardless of any challenging remark
  • Create more add-on sales without fear of losing the first sale and watch your profits increase.
  • Get ‘just looking’ customers to stop browsing and start trying on jewelry.
  • Stop prejudging customers and sell your more expensive diamonds and precious gems
  • Sell young couples both wedding rings in addition to her engagement ring.
  • Close more sales regardless of Amazon
  • Increase your repeat customers

Leonard Zell is the only sales trainer that:

  • Has more than thirty-five years of experience behind the diamond counter and training fine jewelers throughout the world
  • Teaches proven sales techniques that really work
  • Follows up by encouraging salespeople to call him toll-free, or E-mail him for any assistance, seven days a week

Leonard Zell is the recognized authority in jewelry sales training.  He has the broad experience of thirty years of training jewelers in all types of stores including:

  • Independent Jewelers
  • Luxury stores
  • Multiple stores
  • Leased jewelry departments
  • Resort stores
  • Jewelry Boutiques
  • Cruise ship boutiques
  • Manufacturers and Wholesalers

What can you expect from a series of video sales training sessions with Leonard ZellResults. A sales increase of 20% or more in the weeks or months following the session, recapturing the seminar fee with room to spare. Significant sales by individuals that could have not been made before. Plus an overall atmosphere of renewed enthusiasm and selling skills.

How Does a Video Seminar Work?  Leonard can talk to several of your stores at the same time and if someone cannot attend, he can send the session to their tablet or PC. Leonard recommends one hour sessions, but they can be longer or shorter and start before your store opens or before it closes depending on your time zone. He is on Pacific Time.

Leonard gets results.  Because his personality on video radiates the same as if he were there. He coaches your salespeople individually instead of lecturing them and encourages everyone’s participation.  His proven jewelry selling techniques connect to your customer’s emotions, make good sense and is why salespeople give him high marks in evaluating his program.  For their evaluations, click here.

What about follow up? One of a kind. Leonard follows through on his teaching. And that sets him apart from all other programs. He gives everyone unlimited access to himself for questions. They can call him toll-free, or E-mail him and Leonard will answer by Skype video. seven days a week for any assistance. He even returns all requests when he is out of the country.

The most advanced live video sales training program in retail jewelry. Leonard teaches professional jewelry selling skills that are not only used by successful independent jewelers, but also by fine jewelers worldwide. Salespeople grasp his techniques immediately and cannot wait to get back on the sales floor to apply them. They get very enthused because they close sales they never could before.

Bring Leonard Zell to your store, with Skype video. Then reinforce his dynamic live presentations with his manual, considered the standard in the industry, now in its 20th edition. Chapter after chapter offers proven methods for the toughest sales problem. With examples.

Now’s the time for you to call Leonard at 800-642-7355 or internationally on Skype 503-907-4986.  This is a free Skype call.  You won’t get a secretary – you’ll speak to him personally. Tell him what sales techniques you’d like your salespeople to perfect. And have him prepare a seminar outline especially for your store.